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Shared by Ayelet Izraeli


Time: 30 min


Time: 30 min

Family Journey

BaghdadAkko, Israel
Ramat Aviv

This recipe was shared by Ayelet Izraeli. Read more about her family in "An Iraqi Purim Tradition Lives On — Courtesy of a Granddaughter" and try her recipes for Iraqi Purim dough, hadgi coconut, and b'ebe b'tamer.


  • Step 1

    Take a small amount of leftover dough (about a ½ tablespoon) and roll it into a 3” snake. Pinch the two ends together to form a ring. 

  • Step 2

    Place on a baking sheet, brush with egg and bake, rotating the pan halfway through, until golden brown on both sides, 20-24 minutes.

  • Step 3

    Let cool, then serve or freeze until serving.