Welcome to The Jewish Food Society. Jewish food deserves a home, and our hope is to be that place.

Betty, Anna and Mira in Tel Aviv, 1955.

Betty, Anna and Mira in Tel Aviv, 1955.

Our goal is to preserve beloved Jewish foods and to celebrate new ones. We’re as likely to share a grandmother’s Old World kreplach recipe as we would a newfangled maple-glazed challah from Vermont. What they have in common is this: They tell the stories of how Jewish people live and love, how they celebrate and mourn, and the way they cook. 

The Jewish Food Society’s mission is to honor and revitalize Jewish culinary traditions, but you don’t have to be Jewish to take part. We want to get people curious about the rich scope of this truly diverse cuisine. It’s not all bagels, pastrami and babka. There’s Iraqi sabich, Persian gondi and Yemenite kubaneh. Soul foods that you will want to know, and to taste.

We believe that recipes carry with them the marrow of who we are as individuals, as families and as a people. We’ll help tell those stories through pop-up dinners, cooking classes and other special events—any form of expression is fair game! If you’re in New York, we’d love to see you there. If you’re not, don’t worry—we’ll be posting recipes. 

Looking forward to breaking bread with you.

Contact us: hi@jewishfoodsociety.org